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Simple Sophistication

Solara Low-Profile Doors

A low-maintenance look for contemporary and transitional residential properties or commercial locations, the low-profile trend shy’s away from clutter or heavy décor and, rather, strives to promote spatial levity with indoor/outdoor living concepts and simple design.

And in an effort to fuel your creativity and help you individualize your property, we offer single, double, and pivot custom doors for new construction and remodels alike.

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Our outswing/inswing custom windows and doors are crafted with our highest-quality corten, brass or stainless-steel materials and feature our narrowest profiles and most sophisticated hardware to provide you with a clean, transitional look that has versatility.


Designed to create spatial levity and merge indoor/outdoor living for a sleek, clean and low maintenance ambiance, our fixed custom window systems immerse your building in the beauty of natural light. The slender profile face widths also provide space for creativity and promote a very open floorplan that makes your commercial property feel light and open.


Utilizing large-scale panels with hydraulic closing control, pivot doors add character and intrigue to your commercial property. The narrow silhouettes and seamless movement creates a very serene, open ambiance that invites the light in.


Frame your commercial property elegantly with a mobile glass entry that folds open or slides closed to create a subtle, yet sophisticated, bridge from your outdoor landscaping to your indoor ambiance. We offer a variety of triple-pane glass combinations with weathertight seals to promote the integrity and durability of your design.

Allow us to help you bring your dream to life! Or customize one of ours!

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