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Premium Natural & Porcelain Surfaces

Why Elevate?

A product designed to withstand the passage of time, Elevate is the newest ultra-compact surface in the industry.

The unalterable porcelain slabs mimic marble in their aesthetic quality but are resistant to stains and extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, floor and wall coverings, and exterior building/residential facades.

Elevate is also a very safe and environmentally-friendly product, made with 30-50 % recycled content and natural materials that pose no danger to our health during manufacturing, handling or use.

And did we mention it’s absolutely stunning?

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Why Elevate?

During the production process, there is no dumping of any generated waste water. All the stages in the production process are optimized to achieve energy savings.

We use the SIG-ECOEMBES Integrated Management System to manage our packaging.

We comply with the Kyoto Protocol, thanks to the high energy efficiency of our production process.

We re-use any waste water, spray dried powder and unfired ceramic waste.​

Ceramic products are some of the building materials with the longest useful lives.

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