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Sophisticated Surfaces

Sophisticated Surfaces

Whether it be premium quartz (Caesarstone) or unalterable porcelain slab with a marble flare (Kedra), the surface you choose to compliment your space will be one of the most influential contributors to its overall tone and appearance.



Evoking the timeless look of marble with a durability that set the industry standard and a manufacturing process designed for wellness, Kedra unalterable porcelain slabs are a beautiful addition to any ambiance. Their integrity and aesthetic charm make them ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops and exterior facades, as well as floor and wall coverings.



Sophisticated and elegant, our premium quartz Caesarstone showcases the beauty of quartz with a durability that upholds the highest industry standard. A stunning complement to any architectural design concept, this surface is ideally used for countertops, wall cladding, vanities, floors and other interior spaces. And it’s meticulously-monitored manufacturing process also ensures its integrity and aesthetic longevity.



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