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FAQ's & Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting Controls/Switch?

Solara lanterns should be Wired to a regular switch if it has a photocell, Lighting control Systems Do not Work with Photocells, they will need to bypass the photocell to work with the lighting control system.

Can I modify the lantern components?

Yes but will VOID the warranty, with the exception bypassing the photocell no other modifications should be done to the lantern to keep the warranty.

What types of glass are offered for your lighting products?

We have six types of standard glass for electric iron and cast-bronze lighting.

– Antique: transparent glass with waves and ripples
– Clear: smooth, transparent glass
– Clear Frosted: smooth, translucent glass
– Flemish: transparent glass with waves and ripples
– Opalescent: a creamy white, smooth, translucent glass
– Seeded: transparent glass with waves and bubbles

Is there a charge for tempered glass?

There is $200 premium charge if you want tempered glass in your doors.

How should I care for the glass on my door or lights?

All glass can be cleaned with Windex or a 50/50 vinegar and water solution whenever you notice it is dirty.

What is the difference between electronic ignition and manual ignition?

Electronic ignition will turn on by itself as it is equipped with an automatic ignitor and a photocell.

Manual ignition will need to be ignite by the homeowner every time the flame tip is blown off by the wind with a lighter by hand .

Why would I get an electronic ignition lantern ?

This will prevent you from having to reignite the lantern yourself every time there’s high winds or storms ,it is an inconvenience for most users to bring out a big ladder and go up there and reignite the lantern manually every time ,(Solara cannot control mother nature.)

Can I use a gas lantern over some 8 feet tall column?

Yes ,we strongly recommend the electronic ignition lantern on this one since the columns are usually completely exposed and not surround it by any wall .(make sure there is electricity and gas on the column)

Can I use a gas lantern pendant in a porch?

Yes you can ,we strongly recommend to use the electronic ignition lantern , as this will be turn on by a switch on the wall instead of bringing the ladder out and do it manually .( you got it have electricity and gas on the mounting place )

Where can I use an electronic ignition gas lantern?

You can use it everywhere as long as you have gas and electricity coming out of the location, wall ,ceiling or pier mount.

Can I use an electronic ignition gas lantern where there is not electricity ?

only gas no ,you need to ask your electrician to run wires on that location or send the lanterns back to the factory to rework them and make them manual only.

What is the warranty ?

1 year warranty for parts and 2-year warranty for the paint .

Does warranty cover for hail damage ?

no ,that should be cover by the homeowner’s insurance .

Can my handy man install the gas lanterns ?

he may but not sure if the homeowner’s insurance will cover the house in case of fire.

Who can install the gas lanterns?

We strongly recommend to hire a licensed electrician / Plumer to do this kind of installs.

What kind of maintenance do gas lanterns need ?

Flame tips need to be cleaned every 3 months ,this can be performed by the homeowners if needed.

Can we order replacement parts and glass/

Yes you can order parts, call SOLARA Lanterns.

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