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Create Impression

Some of the most dominant features in any high-end architectural build are the unique exterior and interior railings that structure the stairway and accentuate the balcony, or the gates that welcome you home and privatize your property.

To complement our range of iron and bronze lighting and iron and steel doors, we manufacture interior and exterior ornamental ironwork to the same specifications as our other products.

Custom Railings

When it comes to options for custom railings and balconies, there’s the ultra-modern and conceptually clean design of stainless-steel railings and modern glass railings that compliment the current low-profile trend, the more classic look and feel of ornamental iron scroll, or a transitional concept that merges the best of both trends into a design that invites a nice balance.


Privatize your property with a beauty gate to compliment your architectural concept. Solara offers both classic and modern/transitional design concepts that can set the tone for your property upon entry. Choose from bold, iron scroll to evoke the old-world feel, or simple steel structures that showcase clean lines and favor a more modern, low-maintenance concept.

Classic Doors Products


Classic Railing & Gates & Balconies

Fire Screens


Transitional Modern Railing & Gates & Balconies

Wall Dividers

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