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Materials and Technology Warranty.

1. Solara Lighting LLC products are made of the finest materials available and are manufactured under the most rigid specifications in the industry. Solara Lighting warrants its products against defects in manufacturing for a period of one (1) year from our date of invoice, and will promptly replace or repair any items found to be defective. Please contact your dealer or representative first, to report any problems of this type, as we will need that information to honor any warranties.

2. Replacement parts are available at no cost if the lantern is within warranty coverage period,

3. This is defined as one year from our date of invoice.

4. The technical support personnel will be happy to help you, a plumber or service person to trouble shoot your lantern to discover what the real issue is and then solve it.

5. The Technical support line is (214) 237-0284 ext. 109. Email:

6. Broken or Missing Glass will only be considered a warranty item if it is broken and/or missing in shipment and reported immediately upon arrival of the product. Please see the “Ten Day Claim Limit” flyer sent with your lantern.

To access your warranty coverage please follows the steps below.

1. Gather your information with regard to the lantern: The Company that sold you the lantern(s), the date of installation, the types of lantern(s) i.e. Model name, model #, serial number. The serial number can be found inside the back plate of your lantern, where the gas valve is located. The serial number is on the UL label itself. Your representative (sales person) can help you with the model #’s, purchase date, original order #, etc. When possible, it may be best to let your sales rep. handle the warranty transaction. Please take pictures of all your fitures and close ups of any details your reporting, those pictures will help us to accelerate the process.

2. Contact Solara Lighting Technical Support or Customer Service at the numbers listed below with your information.

3. The Quality Assurance or Technical Support team will determine your warranty status and discuss the options to resolve the issue.

4. Only Solara Lighting has the authority to okay a return of goods, all returned items that do not have an authorized Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) from Solara Lighting, will be refused by Solara Lighting and returned to the customer at their expense.

5. Warranty coverage does not cover routine maintenance of lanterns, if your problem is determined to be related to lack of maintenance or poor installation practices, your warranty could be voided. Please refer to our Maintenance Guide sent with your lantern with your Homeowner Kit or download it from our website at

Special Limited Warranty on Finishes.

1. Your lanterns require regular maintenance of the outside finish as well as the burner parts of the lantern. Please refer to your maintenance guide for details of cleaning and maintenance procedures.

2. Your lanterns exterior should be rubbed down with a protective coating such as Murphy Oil, to aid in corrosion protection. We recommend cleaning and applying the Protective coating at lease every 6-months. Failure to maintain the finish of the lantern can result in the voidance of your warranty.

3. Solara lighting offers a two (2) year warranty on all of our standard finishes with the exception of direct oceanfront applications. Finish warranty will be voided under these circumstances.

4. Solara Lighting also offers many models in Bronze and Brass and these lanterns carry a five (5) year warranty for finishes. Bronze lanterns will age naturally with time, revealing the beautiful aged patina of bronze. Please note that all of our Cast Bronze pieces were created using the “lost wax” method. This essentially means that each lantern is an individually sculpted piece and some variations will occur. Solara Lighting reserves the right to examine any variance and decide if the item should be replaced or reworked.

5. All of our steel lanterns finishes are hand painted and as such are unique and sometimes variations will occur. Therefore, Solara Lighting reserves the right to examine first any returns requested on that basis, before repairing or deciding to charge for the rework.

Standard Policy for service charges for removal, installation, shipping charges for warranty items.

1. All service charge reimbursements must be approved by Solara upper management.

2. Broken glass in not considered a warranty item and will not be covered in service charges.

3. The standard repair, removal or installation charge for any single lantern or fixture that Solara will cover is $100.00 for the first lantern and 40.00 for each additional lantern on that site.

4. For cases where one damaged lantern is removed, and a new lantern is installed at the same time, the maximum charge Solara will cover is $150.00.

5. For multiple quantities of lanterns, the standard removal or installation charge that Solara will cover is 100.00 for the first lantern and 40.00 for each additional lantern.

6. Example: 100.00 + (7 additional lanterns x 40) = $380.00 total.

7. We will cover shipping charges only under special circumstances and Solara management must approve this and issue a RGA number.

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