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The Beauty of Low-Profile Windows and Doors

Perhaps it’s because of our busy, complicated 21st-century lives, but minimal, elegant design looks and feels fresh. When we’re at home, we tend to want a certain degree of calm, and stripped-down, clean-line designs convey that.

Homes built in the United States from the 1940s through the 1970s were characterized by flat planes, large glass windows, and open spaces. Those architectural trends have re-emerged, and that’s why today’s builders and homeowners desire more and more the understated sophistication of low-profile metal doors and windows for both the exterior and interior of new homes and remodels.


Sleek, oversize architectural doors and their complementary low-profile windows have slim metal frames, allowing for huge spans of glass. And all that glass plays right into architectural trends: open floor plans and lots of natural light. For a number of years, we’ve seen home design trends also  move toward an easy, natural flow between the inside of a house and the environment around it, whether an incredible view or the gorgeous outdoor spaces with kitchens, living rooms, and more dictated by modern living.

Low-profile corner windows maximize views and can be a design focal point. Not only do they look special, they provide a delightful panorama and allow light to enter a home from more than one angle. What are essentially moveable walls, foldable and sliding low-profile door and windows allow indoor and outdoor spaces to seamlessly become one, adding functionality (and fun!) to a house.

You don’t have to have a contemporary home to incorporate low-profile doors and windows. The restrained look and feel of clean lines and slim metal frames makes a sophisticated statement in a transitional-style house design. It’s all a matter of taste and balance — which the low-profile style has in abundance.


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Solara began to explore low-profile doors in 2014. By 2015 we were manufacturing such doors for homes in Texas. Today we’re installing low-profile doors and windows all over the South. Some projects call for these designs across the whole front of the house. Others use them in the back, where the whole has more privacy.

Low-profile doors and windows are also being used inside homes, helping maintain a dynamic flow from room to room or showcasing a prized wine collection in one of today’s coveted wine cellar/tasting rooms. Solara has placed them in hallways, dining rooms, and master bedrooms, as well as the aforementioned wine cellar. And though low-profile in general brings to mind uninterrupted glass in a narrow metal frame, Solara allows clients to customize selections, with horizontal or vertical dividers, for example.

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