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A well-lit home at night is a thing of comfort and beauty. There’s just something about a night-time glow that puts us at ease and welcomes us in.

The finest example of form meets function, custom outdoor lighting serves many purposes. Here are three reasons outdoor lighting is important — and what you might consider when choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces.

1. Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Home Safer.

In the most practical sense, the value of outdoor lighting is a matter of security: It keeps people safe. Without it, moving around at night would be a hazardous venture. Not only can’t you see where to walk or where to park the car in the dark, but you also can’t see lurking dangers, from a bike you might trip over to a burglar in the bushes.
Post lights and pier lights illuminate pathways, gardens and green spaces. Post lights along a perimeter wall help keep swimmers safe in evening hours. Sconces are often placed at driveway entrances and on either side of a garage door to keep drivers on track.

2. Outdoor Lighting Makes a Statement.

On a less practical level, outdoor lighting is important because it makes a statement. You spend a bundle to buy or build a house, and your investment should literally glow in the dark. After all, what good is curb appeal after sunset it you can’t turn on some lights? Lights on and around a house complement the architectural style of the house and function a bit like fashion accessories, adding texture and interest to a home and its grounds. Even while serving a practical purpose, driveway sconces show off a gated entrance. Light posts along a winding driveway may as well say, “Come right this way, dear friend.” Likewise, a porch pendant says, “We’ve been waiting for you.”

3. Outdoor Lighting Sets a Mood.

As with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting can be used to set the tone for an activity. As outdoor living spaces have become more popular, the need for inviting porch and deck lighting has also grown. Pendants, chandeliers and sconces can all be used outdoors. An outdoor kitchen needs brighter lights than an area used only for lounging. Putting dimmers on outdoor lights ensures the multi-functionality of a space just the same as it does inside.
Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add warmth, but they’re also a source of light on a patio or in a yard. A golden glow invites friends and family to linger for a while in cooler weather.
In all cases, outdoor lights should complement the architectural style of the house, but they don’t have to exactly match interior lighting styles. In fact, they don’t even have to match each other. You can absolutely choose a pendant and a post lamp, for example, from the same family of lights, but mixing styles is a sophisticated design approach. Choosing different styles with the same basic lamp shape in the same finish is an easy way to get variety without risking design flow. Though if you’re feeling more daring, there is nothing wrong with choosing very different styles from space to space.
Not sure which outdoor lights are best for your project? Don’t see exactly the lights you want? Our designers are here to advise you or create custom products to your exact specifications. Just reach out. 
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