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Home decor trends come and go. Twenty seventeen was strong on bohemian chic and millennial pink. Here are five trends interior design and decorating experts say will stay strong in this 2018.


The use of brass, bronze, and gold finishes has been on the rise in recent years, and it will remain a player for 2018. Warm and classic, the metals impart a sense of history and touch of glam to a space. It’s easy to incorporate golden accents with furniture, accessories and lighting. Dark-colored paint is also on the upswing for 2018, and gold tones look incredible against hues like aubergine, navy, and chocolate brown.


Black and white is cool all over. After years of stark white and shades of gray, this high-contrast look is showing up in a big way in kitchens and baths. If you’re not one to paint a whole room black (something some designers are doing these days), a black stair rail or a black door against white walls makes a dramatic statement no one could ever miss.


One thing you can count on: The pendulum always swings. A super pared-down looks is the rightful successor to the more-is-more, pile-it-on, too-much-is-never-enough jungalow style (which we adore, by the way) that was everywhere in 2017. Clean lines are one hallmark of minimalist design, but the heart of the matter is eliminating clutter and choosing only decor that make our lives more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.


Contrasts make a design interesting, and including pieces with history or historical influence in a modern design — or vice versa — creates a collected, timeless look. Instead of strictly matching lighting styles, for example, consider mixing old-world designs with something more contemporary. Keeping finishes the same allows for a coherent look even with choices inspired by different times and places.


Every interior designer we’ve ever talked to mentioned that they like to incorporate “a touch of whimsy” into their designs. Whether your style is modern or traditional, it’s easy to include an unusual light fixture, a fun fabric, or a humongous skylight dome into a room. Doing so sparks imagination and conversation — and no one can ever accuse you of having a boring space.

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