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After a cold winter’s day, many people expect to come home and light up their fireplace without an issue. But we all know that a few problems can occur simply based on the change in climate, or the length of time since the unit was last used.

Here are a few suggestions on seasonal maintenance and preparation for the busiest season in the fireplace business.

Power Outages

  • Winter brings winter storms! recommend to customers that they have spare batteries on hand to install in their back up systems (if equipped).

Fan System Cleaning

  • If the fireplace has not been used over the summer and fall, dust has most likely accumulated in the blower system.

Additional Maintenance

  • The arrival of the new year is a perfect reminder for owners to call for their annual service appointment. Recommend inspection and service of all major components including the pilot, burner, gaskets, and safety controls. 

Clean Glass

Cleaning of the glass door should be a standard part of seasonal maintenance for any customer.

The Best Pilot Systems for Winter

Standing Pilot

Montigo is proud to still offer standing pilot fireplaces, which are arguably the best performers in cold climates due to a variety of circumstances.

Standing pilot benefits:

  • Ease the start up of the fireplace by keeping the firebox and venting warm when the main burner is off.
  • Cleaning the glass doors less often due to warm starts.
  • Faster starts on cold winter days increasing fireplace reliability.
  • Maintains draft in your venting system and reduces moisture in the fireplace.
  • Pilot will turn off after a period of 7 days if not used for efficiency purposes.

Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI)

If a customer has an issue with cold starts or a frosty firebox in a unit with a pilot on demand system, there is a simple solution…

Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI).

What is CPI?

In Continuous Pilot Ignition, the pilot always stays ON when you switch on the fireplace then the burner will turn ON. There also is a built in shut off system that if the fireplace is not used for seven days, the pilot will shut off. This is easily re-set to another seven days by turning on the fireplace using a wall switch, remote, or from a thermostat, thus turning on the burner.

Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) will turn on the spark electrode when the fireplace is turned ON, thus igniting the pilot and then the burner. Note: The pilot will not remain on after the fireplace is turned OFF.

CPI Jumper Installation

  1. Remove the bag containing the Jumper Cable from the wire harness connected to the controller.
  2. Find the corresponding plug attached to the control wire harness and connect the CPI jumper.

With the system in the “OFF” position, press the remote “MODE” Key to index to the CPI mode icon. Pressing the “UP” arrow key will activate the Continuous Pilot Ignition mode (CPI). 

Pressing the “DOWN” arrow key will return to IPI. A single “beep” will confirm the reception of the command.

Cleaning & Care

Montigo gas fireplaces are well known for performing years of smooth and trouble-free operation, and regular maintenance and cleaning are an important part of ensuring the longevity of your appliance.

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