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Perfect log placement doesn’t just happen….

There is a method to installing our logsets that will ensure the best flame possible, and reduce excess sooting and the need for frequent fireplace cleaning.

The logsets are specifically designed to fit together in a way that protects the look of the logs for years to come – and now Montigo has a visual guide to assist in perfect log placement.

Birch Logset

Smooth and layered realistic looking birch logs. Chalky white bark with strong orange accents is highlighted with prominent and realistic looking fissures and scars.

Mountain Timber Logset

Woodsy and richly detailed, our new mountain timber logs feature multiple accents of grays and honey tones with touches of moss green straight from the forest.

Placement Tip

“Charred” sides of the base logs are generally pointed towards the burner. The charred portions of the top logs are designed to be around the location of a high flame point.

Placement Tip

The mid level logs are designed with flat or curved sections designed to seat a top log perpendicular to it.

Both logsets are beautifully accented by a bed of embers and your choice of lava rock or black coals, and are now available for single-sided and see-through versions of the traditional BF Series models.

Also available for our round and four-sided custom units, these new logsets are stunning in a campfire configuration.

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