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Dear Malena

Montigo is very excited to present some gorgeous new burner media options for creating that perfect look…

The Custom Commercial team has been busy in the background sourcing some exciting new options to customize our fireplaces.

New Traditional Logsets

Birch Logset

Smooth and layered realistic looking birch logs. Chalky white bark with strong orange accents is highlighted with prominent and realistic looking fissures and scars.

Mountain Timber Logset

Woodsy and richly detailed, our new mountain timber logs feature multiple accents of grays and honey tones with touches of moss green straight from the forest.

Both logsets are beautifully accented by a bed of embers and your choice of lava rock or black coals, and are now available for single sided and see through versions of the traditional BF Series models.

Watch the new Mountain Timber logset in action here!
Also available for our round and four-sided custom units, these new logsets are stunning in a campfire configuration.

New Glass Media

Updated glass media options include new premium multifaceted borosilicate firestones, crushed fireglass, and smooth glass firebeads. 

All glass media options are available in popular neutral colors to suit any décor, and can be paired with driftwood for a unique look.

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