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Diverting heat away from the wall,

keeping your tv or artwork safe.

Hello Malena

Montigo has developed a variety of options for heat management for both the Distinction and DelRay Square series fireplaces. These options provide the ability to hang heat sensitive items such as a TV or artwork above the fireplace, as well as create a safe zone for installing combustible facing materials around the fireplace opening.

Heat Vent – 170°F / 76°C

Heat is diverted through the Cool Wall Advantage kit, safely bypassing the space above the fireplace.

Cool Wall – 100°F / 37°C

Wall temperature is cool, creating an area safer for mounting a TV, or hanging artwork. Even wood can be used as a facing material when using the cool wall kit or by simply opening up the venting ports.

Glass – 510°F / 265°C

Reduced glass temperature, combined with the provided safety screen, creates a safe and beautiful viewing area.

Horizontal Sidewall Kit / HDKSD

Vertical Sidewall Kit / HDKSVD

TV Kit / HDKPD63

DelRay Square Open Vent Ports

For added installation simplicity, the DelRay Square can divert heat by simply opening up the venting ports on the top of the unit*. This alone grants the ability to finish with a combustible facing material right down to the glass opening.

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