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The Montigo open concept option gives you the clearest view of our entire commercial lineup …

In 1976 we created the first sandpan fireplace burner which was designed to fit into an open wood burning hearth. That desire for an open fireplace is still with us, as we continue to develop new and exciting open concept fireplaces for our commercial lineup.

See below on how we are the leaders in all aspects of open concept fireplace design.

  • Traditional Open

Create a truly convincing replica of a vintage fireplace with our new Mountain Timber or Birch logsets. Just try and resist the urge to put another log on the fire!

  • Contemporary Open

Create a modern European style seamless transition from wall to fireplace, or simply create a barrier-less view between you and the fire.

  • Advanced

Using our air curtain technology combined with our custom power vents, we can develop a blazing fire that will only have a minimal effect on the ambient room temperature.

  • Additions

Remote controls, lighting systems, safety screens, we can spec out a wide scope of decorative or functional features to make your open fireplace dreams a reality.

  • Flexible

Mount a TV 6″ above the opening, combustible materials such as wood are allowed right down to edge when using a cement board backing.

In many instances, the inside of the fireplace can be finished with the same noncombustible material as the surround to create a seamless transition from wall to fireplace.

  • Configurations

Virtually any configuration of our commercial lineup is available as an open concept installation, up to a 30″ opening height. Our engineering team will be happy to answer any questions about how this will effect the HVAC system, or what options are available for these units.

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