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Dear Malena

The New Year marks a new start for most people and that definitely includes us at Montigo – We simply cannot wait for the January 2021 launch of the new DelRay Square!

While the unit has a variety of game changing features, we wanted to highlight the decorative aspects of the unit, and how the DelRay Square will truly be an industry leader in versatility…


Each logset is designed to work with the universal burner system that ensures a realistic flame pattern that fills the firebox. All logsets come standard with a black coal firebed and glowing ember media.


Our contemporary scenes have been designed to create the best possible environment for tall, robust flames and pair beautifully with any room. All contemporary scenes come standard with glass media, rocks, ceramic chips, and glowing ember media.


Our new liners have been designed from the start to work with any media system. This creates endless possibilities for fireplaces that are traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between.

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